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Mid twenties

In just a couple of days, I will be turning 25!! Most people cringe at the thought of getting older, but I can’t wait. I’ve always wanted to be old and wise. Be an adult, be a career woman, live in the city etc. not all little girls dream about marriage or love, I dreamt about my relationship with my passions and art. And now I’m living in a city I love, in a home that I adore, and an awesome salary designing job for a crazy amazing company! Right now, I’m content with where I am. Not too long ago, before I moved out of my first apartment, I got a huge piece of paper and wrote everything I could think of that I wanted in life and I put all those positive thoughts into the universe. And it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized it’s all come into my life in the recent months. I live in a beautiful home where I’ve come to meet people I never thought I would, and I am entranced by the beautiful souls. Lets just say I somehow landed in a home that has visitors like Urban Outfitters and a human being who is good friends with people like Julian Casablancas and Devendra Banhart. And in the past couple of months I’ve come to meet and know such good new friends, who I absolutely love! And work is always an exciting environment with constant growth and surprises! And soon, I will finally be launching my own website. My own shop, with it’s own domain and I’ve got amazing friends who are gathering together to help me make this happen. I will have my own business soon! Which is not crazy to think, cause I am making it all happen with me, myself and I but I’m excited about it. Not only that but I am discovering the world one step at a time. I go back to Portland in the winter, then beginning of next year I finally travel to the white sands monument and also mono lake!!!! My friends are just as crazy and adventurous as me to agree to rent an rv and roadtrip to these places. I just laugh because I finally found enthusiastic friends who want to get out and live! Even if it sounds crazy or impossible. We make it happen, cause we’ve all gone through such hardships, that we appreciate the opportunities that life has given us. Friends, home, work? Check! Love life: exciting! My best friend jokingly but seriously decided that I am in my prime, that the opposite sex is constantly chasing after me, so why not have fun with it? So that’s what it’s been. Fun, ever changing, spontaneous, exciting. And I’m pretty pleased with these bearded/long haired ethnic men I’ve come to be lovers with. And last but not least, my family. They will always be there. And after everything that has happened this year, i can’t imagine life without them even though we are always arguing. I always think of Gaige. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about him. But its different now. He’s left this world, and is guiding us from above. And all I can do now is grow from this and see my flaws and make those changes. I am in a very relaxed state where bad things don’t stress me out anymore or give me anxiety. I’m in this life high that makes me look at all the bad as just another learning experience. I accept it and power through it. And now I’m going to be in my mid twenties. A little closer to my thirties and I know I am in the place that I should be in life right now. That’s the ultimate peace, and I’ve got my lil Gaige to thank for that cause I know he’s always by my side.

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